Letter from the President

November 2016


Elizabeth FischettiOn the heels of the national election we find ourselves pondering our own election.  Who do we vote for? What are their qualifications? What is it they can do for us?  Please take the time to read about our candidates and their aspirations.

As I end my first year as President I reflect on what I can do to make our organization stronger.  I want to find a way to reach all of the neurodiagnostic techs in our state.  Social media is one way to do this and I am looking for volunteers that would be willing to manage a Facebook site weekly.  Social media is a great way to communicate as long as someone is the gatekeeper.  But how do we get the word out to other techs that don’t know anything about us?  I know there are members out there that are thinking “ oh my gosh Liz, it’s simple! Just do…….” YOU are who I want to hear from…Give me your ideas, your recommendations, your thoughts on process improvement!!  I love to learn new things, new ways to do something, and I love to meet new people.  Email me anytime at elizabeth.fischetti@beaumont.org

I have already reserved the space for a Spring MSET meeting.  It will be held Saturday, May 6, 2017 at Beaumont hospital in Troy, Michigan.  We  have just opened a new learning center, complete with an auditorium that seats 175, classrooms, computer rooms and simulation labs. We have plenty of room for vendors, so please share any vendors names and contact information with me.  We are lining up speakers so if you would like to share your knowledge please contact us and we can get you on the agenda!  I think you will all be pleased with this venue.  The only downfall is that you must park in the parking structure and wind your way to the learning center but I promise to have the breadcrumbs on the floor to lead you from the parking structure to the learning center.  We also have late September 2017 on the books for the annual fall meeting, slated for St. Mary’s in Saginaw.

As we close the year of 2016 I want to wish you all a very happy and relaxing Holiday season.  I hope we can all enjoy the fruits of our labors with family and friends.  It the hustle and bustle of the season remember to stop and count your blessings, I know I will and I count you all among them.

I thank you all for your continued support of MSET, I hope that I may be successful in this year to come  in bringing you all the continuing education you search for.

Sincerely, Liz

January 2016

Hello and Happy New Year!

My name is Liz Fischetti and I am the newly elected MSETs president for the 2016-2018 term.  The new year presents lots of changes for us all, some personal, some professional.  We hope that MSET will be able to assist you in your quest for professional continuing education and will strive to make it affordable and accessible.  We are in the process of collaborating with health systems on the west side of Michigan as well as southern Michigan for our annual spring and fall conferences.

Let me tell you a little about myself and how I came into being the new president of MSET.  It was nearly ten years ago that I was working as a solo tech in a cardiology department that also housed the EEG department.  Having already had experience in performing EEG studies I was asked to help out in the lab which I did willingly.  Shortly after that the full time technologists retired and I was working part time and then full time covering the EEG lab.  My manager encouraged me to sit for boards and I thought she was out of her mind.  I come from the years when hospitals would cross train their staff into different modalities within their department.  I had never attended a formal END program but had performed thousands of EEGs.  I had great hands on experience but no formal education.  Something inside me told me to try and I began searching for some affordable ways to educate myself further and that is how I came across Connie Kubiak and the MSET board.  Before I knew it I was not only attending an MSET meeting I was SPEAKING at one!!!  WHAT? I said to myself!  I hate public speaking and I don’t know any of those people.  Again, something inside me prodded me along and I ended up meeting some wonderful people who are great resources in the field of neurodiagnostics as well as great friends.  The next thing I knew I was being nominated (thanks Larry!) to the MSET board and the rest is history.

The reason I shared my little story is because I want you to realize that MSET is here for all of us, but it is only as good as we make it.  Sometimes we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones just a bit. Get up from your chair behind the conference table and stand in front of it and share what you know with us!  We need the expertise of all of you, working in all areas of neurodiagnostics.

I would like to encourage all MSET members to become involved in our society.  It is the membership that can strengthen an organization.  I am happy to report that we had some new nominations for the MSET board this year but I am not quite sure that the membership understands that it is also their responsibility to vote for the nominees.  It is not the board members that elect nominees it is the entire membership.

Our society needs more involvement from our technologists offering to speak at conferences too.  We have so much to offer to each other, so many “tricks of the trade” if you will.  Whatever your strength is please consider sharing it with others.  Presentations do not always have to be power points, you can make it interactive or even hands on.  We are always looking for someone to share their expertise.  I know what you are thinking as you read this “I don’t like to speak publicly” and I completely understand that because neither do I!

I hope to be an asset to this organization and to be able to “pay it forward” when it comes to what I have gained from this society.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!  And I hope to see you all at our next meeting.


Elizabeth Fischetti, R. EEG T.